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Cambridge Collage





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Cambridge Collage

This is the largest and most complicated hand-cut collage I have ever attempted. The original picture is 68cm x 114 cm (and a huge 114cm x 87cm framed) with every single piece hand-cut using only scissors and ocassionally a knif. Each pieec was then delicately placed and glued. Every detail is true to what is actually in the scene - so if a building really has 5 windows it has 5 windows in the picture!

It was made with a lot of patience, a bit of swearing, a lot of love and only papers recycled from magazines.

If you are interested in purchasing the original hand-cut picture I'd love to hear from you:


Reproduction print (signed and mounted)

Professionally printed on high quality photographic paper with a high quality white mount.

Size 30cm x 21cm £19


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