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Cambridge (hand-drawn skyline)

The third and final in my hand-drawn black and white Cambridge series for a while. Every detail it to scale and if there is 10 windows on the original building there is 10 windows on the picture! (I am thinking of introducing a 'Where's Wally element) Kings College chapel stands out as collage to give some texture and contrast. The original is for sale (at the moment) and also available as a print and larger Limited Edition Print (See below)

Original hand-drawn picture

The original is available for sale from October '21 at Cambridge Contemporary Art Gallery

Reproduction Print

Mounted, signed and cello wrapped


Size 30cm x 21cm

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Special Large limited edition print

I have produced a limited edition series of 30 large prints of this picture, which are signed and numbered.

Edition of 30

Mounted size: 20 x 16 inch

Picture size: 16 x 11 inch

£75 (Use code directly below for local pick up - no postage)

Check out for above but with postage


packing and delivery

only £2.50